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Gambling has a varied history throughout the United States. While it is legal under federal law, states have the option to further restrict or completely prohibit various forms of gambling. Most states have lotteries, which are games of chance that award cash prizes. Generally, state lotteries are used to raise revenue for a public benefactor (such as schools, community improvement, etc.).

In Florida, the state government runs the lottery, offering games such as: scratchers, Powerball, Mega Money, Lucky Lines, and Mega Millions. Lottery proceeds are intended to enhance public education through the construction of new schools and educational facilities. Florida’s lottery laws dictate that 50% of lottery revenue is to go to the payment of prizes, 39% to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, and the remaining revenue to go to the administrative expenses associated with running the lottery. The lottery laws also regulate: whether lottery prizes may be garnished (to go towards delinquent taxes, child support payments, etc.), the time limits to claim prizes, and other prize-related issues.

The main provisions of Florida state lottery laws are listed in the table below.

Code Section

24.101, et seq.

Distribution of Lottery Revenue

50% payment of prizes; 39% Educational Enhancement Trust Fund; remaining revenue to pay administrative expenses of lottery department

Additional Purpose of Lottery

To support improvements in public education and not as a substitute for educational funds

Lottery Prize Subject to Garnishment

On prizes over $600; offset by outstanding obligation to any state agency or owing child support through a court

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition

180 days/added to "pool from which future prizes are awarded or for special prize promotions"

Prohibited Related Activities

Unlawful assignment/transfer; unauthorized sale as retailer; sale to minor; counterfeited/altered ticket; at greater price; extension offered to purchase ticket

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