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SC Education Lottery winning numbers

South Carolina (SC) Lottery General Information

The South Carolina Education Lottery Commission is created as an instrumentality of the State and a public commission, with powers comparable to those exercised by commissions engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits.

The SC Education Lottery has a staff of approximately 137 employees and six departments including Internal Operations; Information Technology Systems; Sales & Marketing; Security; Legal Services and Finance. The Internal auditor reports directly to the South Carolina Education Lottery Commission. all employees of the lottery serve at-will and are not covered by the State Employee Grievance Procedures act.

Since the start of the South Carolina Lottery on January 7, 2002, the Legislature has appropriated more than $1.45 billion through fiscal year 2006-07. Lottery funds have been used to support a variety of educational programs. - About (SC) South Carolina Lottery

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  • Powerball is drawn 0: AM
  • MEGA Millions is drawn 0: AM
  • Cash 5 is drawn 0: AM
  • Pick 4 Midday is drawn 0: AM
  • Pick 3 Midday is drawn 0: AM
  • Pick 4 Evening is drawn 0: AM
  • Pick 3 Evening is drawn 0: AM
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    How Public Universities Can Promote Access and Success for All Students  — Center For American Progress
    In addition to the federal Pell Grant, North Carolina provides two separate funds—the North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship and the UNC Need Based Scholarship—for students whose incomes are barely eligible or just above eligibility for Pell ..

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