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South Carolina Education Lottery Powerball results

The South Carolina lottery, as part of the MUSL, or Multi-State Lottery Association, offers only two games: Powerball and Mega Millions. The majority of states that participate in any MUSL lottery games also have state-specific lotteries as well, with a few exceptions. South Carolina is one of the majority states, with its Cash 5, Pick 4, and Pick 3 games offered for in-state sales only. The lottery in South Carolina functions in the same manner as most other states, with specific uses for all of the funds generated by the lottery ticket sales.

South Carolina Lottery Information

The state of South Carolina began selling tickets for its lottery program in January of 2002 as a result of a statewide vote. The reason that the lottery was proposed to the state was as a means of generating money for state funded education programs without an increase in the taxation of the state’s citizens. Since the state voted in favor of beginning the lottery program in 2002, the lottery has provided nearly $2 billion dollars for the education programs alone.

Where South Carolina Lottery Money Goes

The state of South Carolina has a specific purpose for all of the money generated through its lottery program: the bulk of the proceeds pay for many of the education programs within the state. Funding goes to:

  • Scholarships,
  • Grant and loan programs,
  • Programs that have been implemented in order to assist students who are considered “at risk” of failing to graduate from high school.

The rest of the money pays for things like the prizes paid out to jackpot winners, administrative costs (most of the lotteries in the United States are self-sustaining, meaning that the money generated by them pays for every function of the program), and contributing to the state government’s general fund.

How Public Universities Can Promote Access and Success for All Students  — Center For American Progress
In addition to the federal Pell Grant, North Carolina provides two separate funds—the North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship and the UNC Need Based Scholarship—for students whose incomes are barely eligible or just above eligibility for Pell ..

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Powerball 03 16 20 42 58 07 x5 Sat 02/28 in North Carolina. again!

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