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Dream book Lottery numbers

A dream book of lottery numbers

I was going through a box lot of items from Sunday’s auction when I came across an old softcover book tucked inside a clear plastic bag. Its front cover was missing and its back cover had been slid inside the book.

“The H.P. Dream Book. This Is Your Lucky Day. What Did You Dream? 469.” It had a copyright date of 1926 and 1927, and the author was Prof. Uriah Konje.

I didn’t recognize the book, but I knew its purpose. My sister uses a similar book to choose the daily numbers for her lottery tickets in Georgia. And she isn’t the only one: A cousin in Ohio relies on a numbers book, too.

I’m sure some of you have relatives who still believe that the right numbers in the right order will make them rich. Me, I only play the big lotteries – Mega Millions and Powerball when the payout reaches more than mil. Anything below that is a time-waster.

With my auction dream book in hand, I decided to Google Prof. Uriah Konje. I found that he was a black man born in 1893, likely owned one of the major dream book publishing companies, , and lived in upstate New York. Author mentioned him in his 2002 book “Dream-singers: The African American Way with Dreams.” There appears to be very little biographical information about the man.

I learned that his real name was . He published five or more books on dreams and policy – an early (and illegal) lottery in the black community – along with revised editions of some of the books. Several of the books could be purchased from a G. Parris at an address in White Plains, NY, along with tip cards of “well-selected numbers, ” according to the H.P. Dream Book itself. He also wrote under the pseudonym Prof. De Herbert.

I called my sister, who had spent the early evening helping my mother move into a new house. After I described the book, she was very excited. Wanted to buy it from me. She’s thinking that those numbers may work better than the ones in her newer book. Could they have changed over the years? Does luck run out on some numbers after a given time? Who knows.

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What does it mean to dream of winning lottery numbers?

This dream's most likely explanation is that it illustrates the desire to gain wealth without great effort. On the other hand, stories constantly circulate about the possibility of dreaming numbers that turn out to be real winners. In spite of their popularity, such stories are rarely documented as factual.

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