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Tickets for the government-run Wisconsin Lottery were first sold for instant games Wisconsin Red and Match 3, on September 14, 1988. However, these weren't the first lottery tickets to be sold in the state. The Wisconsin Oneida tribe ran a number of games including the Big Green lottery, a pick 6 from 36 jackpot lotto, which is still in operation today. Wisconsin Big Green was WI residents' first chance to play a lottery and became hugely popular as it offered an easier alternative than driving to Illinois.

However, times have changed and lottery players in the Badger State now have a wealth of much more convenient options. These options include five single state jackpot games, of which the highlight is without doubt the Very Own Megabucks game. The WI Very Own Megabucks game was launched back on June 18, 1992 and was a more local option than the Megabucks Lotto *America. As a result, Wisconsin Lottery players are now able to win many millions should they have the winning numbers when drawings are made every Wednesday and Saturday.

An example of one of these multi-million dollar Wisconsin's Very Own Megabucks wins came on August 25, 2001. The Megabucks jackpot was worth $20.3 million and was won by a single winning ticket.

Wisconsin Daily Pick 3, Daily Pick 4, Super Cash and Badger 5 are all also available with results for these lotteries all shown above. The Wisconsin Lottery also has a history of being fairly cutting edge when it comes to online lottery games as well. In fact, the online game Money Game 4 was launched way back on September 18, 1993. Although it only lasted until August 3, 1996, it was soon replaced by the Daily Millions online game, with Money Roll and City Picks also coming along later.

But it's not just single state lottery games available to Wisconsin lottery players. As mentioned above, Wisconsin offered the Megabucks Lotto *America game for some time, but that was soon replaced by the ever-popular Powerball on April 19, 1992. The Wisconsin Powerball has since been a major favourite in the state, with plenty of players watching out for the results.

They've done so with good reason as well, as Wisconsin Powerball has handed out a number of huge jackpots. Among these is the $208.6 million win on August 5, 2006 that was shared by 100 cheese factory workers in Wisconsin.

However, fans of multi-state lottery games have had to wait considerably longer to get their hands on Wisconsin Mega Millions tickets. The lottery was added on January 30, 2010, following a move that saw 21 other states do the same.

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