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numbergeneratorstart Lottery Number Generator ProjectNumber Generator Start Screen

Select and click one of the 3 pictures which represent the UK Lotto the euromillions game and Thunderball Lottery this will take you to the lottery number generator game screen.

When you are in the game screen you will have to collect gold coins which will randomly generate numbers for your required lottery draw and display them in the top right of game screen. If you would like to collect more than one set of number sequences then just pull the level which is located after the moving blocks. If you go down to where the moving floor is before pulling lever you will not have access to the the lottery number generator room and have to lose a life.

lotterygeneratorgamescreen2 Lottery Number Generator ProjectSkipping The Game Element

If you wish to skip the game and go straight ahead to generating numbers for your required draw then just click the numbers generator picture which is situated in the bottom left of the start screen, you will then have the options to click the Euromillions UK Lotto or Thunderball Logos to randomly generate lottery numbers however many times you wish.

Lottery Numbers Generator Game Screen

This is the lottery number generator game screen, you will find in the actual game the Dragon character “see below”, the left and right arrow keys and up arrow gives the dragon movement.

croc Lottery Number Generator ProjectThe ! and ? blocks have also been given movement and if touched will restart dragon to the beginning minus one of 3 lives. looking at the above game screen picture you see it as one complete picture but it is made up of approximately 114 separate pictures – after completing the whole picture and saving it as one I made sure that all pictures that were going to be moving or interactive where left out of the picture before saving as one.

The separate pictures are as follows: The Dragon – ! – ? blocks – the switch the number 8 block, “O and R blocks “The Door” and gold coins where given to the flash designer separately so when adding the pictures to the flash game engine was able to create commands to give them movement.

See below example of the separate pictures that were given flash commands.

Use Dragon to collect gold coins – pull the lever to open O and R Blocks move dragon through now open door space bottom right. If dragon gets reset to start the lever must be activated to open door again, collecting the gold coins will generate numbers in the top right of the above game screen – going through door way will take you into the Lottery Number Generator Room where you can generate random lottery numbers for your required game however many times you would like.

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VIRTAP Random Numbers Generator
Mobile Application (VIRTAP)
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  • Generate lottery numbers
  • Don t have a dice? Use this app as substitute
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Popular Q&A

Question about random number generators and the lottery?

We know that on average, the "random pick" is more likely to be a winner than "hand selected numbers" because users select numbers that have more of a meaningful "pattern" than random numbers. What if lottery terminals have proprietary algorithms that that aren't using utilizing Math.random() and instead, in a bid to generate more income for the lottery, are generating more repeated patterns and the pattern is different from terminal to terminal. Is there any way to prove this? Can we look at the number of "random picks" sold and expect it to correlate with the "1 in 176 million" bell c…

Your assumption, in your first sentence, is false. The balls could be just coloured with no number at all. A number pattern is just as likely as no pattern. What we call the balls has no affect on how they will appear.
Random number generators on computers are not random at all, patterns will appear. They are what we call pseudo random. Not only that the numbers generatored depend on a starting condition called a SEED number.
This reminds of of a Simpson's episode. Homer picks the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the jackpot was the numbers 7,8,9,10,11,12. Of course he said DOH!

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