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TN Lottery numbers today

There are a number of lottery games offered by the Tennessee lottery, from scratch-off ticket sales to statewide lotteries, to multi-state lotteries that involve “mega” jackpots. In all, the state sponsors 5 different state lottery programs, not including scratch-offs. Payments to winners are allowed in both annuity and lump-sum formats, allowing a winner to claim his or her prize all at once (this option usually reduces the amount of the take-home winnings), or in yearly installment payments. There are over 4, 800 retailers in the state that sell both the drawing style and the scratch-off style of lottery tickets, and they generate a massive amount of funding for different state programs.

Tennessee State Lottery History

After a statewide vote of 58% in favor of implementing a lottery program in the state of Tennessee in 2003, the state began to sell tickets for lottery games in January of 2004. One unique feature of the Tennessee lottery games is that even people who buy losing tickets have a chance at winning in a second chance drawing by entering their losing tickets in a number of different second chance contests.

Tennessee Lottery Proceeds

The state of Tennessee takes in a large amount of money every week from all of the different lottery programs. This money is mostly used to fund different education programs across the state. In fact, Tennessee lottery programs have provided almost 2 billion dollars to be utilized for different scholarship and education programs available to students in the state.

In the 2009-2010 school year alone, over 100, 000 students receive scholarship funding through the Tennessee lottery program alone. The money from the lottery also completely covers the costs of operation for all of the lottery programs Tennessee is involved in, as well as the administrative costs of the lottery and education programs.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information on this web page, mistakes can occur. In the event of any discrepancies, Tennessee State laws and Tennessee Lottery regulations will prevail. Lottery data is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. SuperMedia does not condone or encourage the practice of gambling by providing this information. If you or someone you love have a gambling problem, learn more through Gamblers Anonymous.

Big Lottery Winners

As of 2010, Tennessee’s biggest lottery prize winner to date was from South Pittsburg. The jackpot of over 25 million dollars was awarded on March 30, 2005. The best part about this story is that the winners, the Hubbard family, also won $25, 000 for selling themselves the winning ticket from the retail automotive parts store their family owns. The family vowed to keep on working, but also promised that there would be a few more family vacations in the future.

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Popular Q&A

What is cash 3, cash 4 tn lottery numbers for today?

The Tennessee winning cash 3 numbers were 218. The cash 4 winning numbers were 8267. For unlimited Q's call 800-224-2242.

What are the lottery numbers for today in Nashville, TN?

Tennessee Lottery Results are: Cash 3 Evening Sat, 8/7/10 7, 1, 4. Cash 3 Midday Sat, 8/7/10 8, 2, 3. Cash 4 Evening Sat, 8/7/10 9, 5, 7, 8. Cash 4 Midday Sat, 8/7/10 9, 7, 0, 1. Lotto 5 Fri, 3/7/08 10, 14, 16, 23, 34. Powerball Sat, 8/7/10 52, 26, 31, 22, 04, Power Ball: 30, Power Play: 5. Hope you won!

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