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Lottery winners Michigan

"Anybody and everybody has a chance to win it, " said Palmarchuk.

SAGINAW, MI — Planning to win the $344 million Mega Millions jackpot tonight? Two-time lottery winner Joe Palmarchuk says don't bet on it.

Palmarchuk, a resident of Barryton, 30 miles northwest of Mount Pleasant, is somewhat of an expert on winning lotteries, having won two separate jackpots of more than $1 million each since 2011.

He doesn't have a good feeling for himself — or anyone else — claiming the big prize tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 10.

"The Mega ball - I don'™t think it'™s gonna go tonight, " Palmarchuk said.

Palmarchuk thinks that what is now the fourth-largest Mega Millions jackpot in history will keep climbing until it is the single largest in history.

"I think it'™ll probably hit the $1 billion mark, " he said.

It hasn't kept Palmarchuk from trying his luck a third time. For tonight's 11 p.m. drawing, Palmarchuk has purchased 20 easy pick tickets. He said he might grab five more easy picks before the numbers are announced tonight.

"You can only chase it so much, " Palmarchuk said. "If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen."

If Palmarchuk is correct and no one is left holding a ticket with five correctly chosen numbers for white balls and the single gold Mega ball number, there are still plenty of other prizes available.
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Anyone who matches just the five white balls will win at least $1 million. If a multiplier was purchased, the ticket is worth $5 million dollars.

Smaller prizes also are available. The odds of winning any dollar amount in a Mega Millions drawing is 1 in 14.7.

"Anybody and everybody has a chance to win it, " Palmarchuk said.

That's what led Saginaw County resident Cindy Thiel to buy a Mega Millions ticket, despite the fact that she isn't a big lottery player.

"That's the popular draw right now - Mega Millions, " said Thiel, owner of First Turn Convenience Store, 2935 S. Graham, in Swan Creek Township.

"It helps boost the morale around the area, if they think you sold a big ticket, " Thiel said.

Thiel said she is happy to see the large number of customers buying Mega Millions tickets, since she hopes to sell another big winner.

"Come out and buy tickets, " she said. "We’re looking to sell a big one."

After tonight's big drawing, the spotlight falls on the $122 million Powerball jackpot, with a drawing held Wednesday, Dec. 11.

"They’ll play the Mega tonight, then they’ll be back in tomorrow to buy the Powerball, " Thiel said.

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