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What Lottery winners buy?

Lottery Winners Stories
Winning the lottery is the biggest dream of many, but when you see what happened with many people that won in the past, you might think twice before buying a ticket again. Not all the lottery winners ended badly. Some managed to open some businesses, while others saved their houses from foreclosure. However, the majority of people that had money from the lottery ended up poor, lonely, and some even took their life when they realized what chance they missed. Here are the most impressive sad stories of people that lost all their money after winning the lottery.

1. Jeffrey Dampier
20 million dollars might seem enough for a family to live for an entire lifetime and even more, but when Jeffrey Dampier won this sum at the lottery, he was not able to enjoy it too much. He helped his family to find jobs, but a few years later, he was killed by his sister in law.

2. Barry Shell – 4 million dollars
Barry Shell was so broke that he used his last money to buy the winning lottery ticket. However, he used all his money to bail out of jail, after being accused of stolen property. It seems like the stolen property was the lottery ticket, and the winner was a relative of his.

3. Evelyn Adams – 5.5 million dollars
The chances of winning the lottery is smaller than the one of being struck by lightning, but as there are people that were struck twice, there were also people that won the lottery twice. In the 80’s, Evelyn Adams won 5.5 million dollars in two rounds, but unfortunately for her, Atlantic City was situated too close to her native city, New Jersey. You can’t believe how fast five million dollars could disappear in casinos. She lives in a tent now, working her life from one day to the next.

4. Fred Topous – 57 million dollars
It is one of the biggest sums ever won at a lottery, but the problem is that Fred is registered as a sex offender. This means that he can’t benefit of all his money as he would like to, but in 2024, he will get out of this interdiction, and we are sure that he will buy a private island where nobody knows what he did.

5. William Post – 16 million dollars
William Post was probably exalted when he won this pot back in 1998, but he never assumed what could happen. his ex girlfriend sued him for the winnings, and incredibly, she won, although she had no participation in buying the ticket, and even his own brother tried to kill him! Moreover, all his relatives asked him for money constantly, so he was in debt in less than one year after winning. He was forced to file bankruptcy, and he currently lives with $450 dollars a month.

The lottery winners are usually not the happy guys that we might expect, who live out of bank interest and flourishing businesses. For some, the burden is too great, and this is why they are not able to cope up with such big sums. Hopefully lottery winners will learn in the near future so we can end up with hopeful lottery winners stories next time.

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