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Mass Lottery Evening numbers

State lotteries are state-run games of chance that often include both scratch-off tickets and drawings. Lottery winners typically receive cash prizes. Massachusetts state lottery laws earmark a portion of lottery revenues for state funds and projects.

You can learn more about Massachusetts' state lottery laws in the following chart. For additional information, see the links at the end of this article or see Details on State Lottery Laws.

Code Section

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 10, sections 22 through 35 are known as the “state lottery law.”

Distribution of Lottery Revenue

Total revenue from the sale lottery tickets sold are divided as follows:

  • At least 45% for the payment of prizes;
  • No more than 15% for administration and operating expenses; and
  • The balance to the State Lottery Fund for budgeted aid to cities and towns.

Additional Purpose of Lottery

The lottery commission is also authorized to conduct a lottery for the following reasons:

  • To benefit of the arts;
  • To provide property tax relief;
  • To continue services at the local level; and
  • To accommodate discrepancies between revenues and related expenses.

Lottery Prize Subject to Garnishment

On prizes over $600, money may be seized if the winner owes back child support payments.

Time Limit to Claim Prize/Disposition

Lottery winners have one year to claim prizes. Any unclaimed money will be allocated in same manner as other lottery revenue.

Prohibited Related Activities

The following activities related to the Massachusetts lottery are prohibiting:

  • Impersonating a member or employee of the lottery commission;
  • Accepting a bribe in exchange to secure a license to sell lottery tickets or employment with the commission;
  • Forging/altering tickets;
  • Selling tickets to a minor; and
  • Selling a ticket a price greater than that established by the commission.

State law also restricts these individuals from purchasing lottery tickets or receiving prize money:

  • Any member or employee of the lottery commission;
  • Any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent living in the same household of any member or employee of the commission.

Penalties for these violations may include fines and imprisonment.

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What are the winning lottery codes on a VA scratch ticket?

There are no codes per se. The alphabets you find at the bottom of the scratch off is an immediate indicator if you have won. Alpharetts like x b p means no win. H n f v e i and f certainly m are good. They mean you are a winner.

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