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Mass State Lottery scratch tickets

Forty years after it introduced the industry's first instant ticket, the Massachusetts Lottery has released a $30 "scratch" ticket that features $600 million in cash prizes, including a top prize of $15 million and second chance opportunities to win up to $1 million.

Until Tuesday, the highest-priced scratch ticket offered in the Bay State was $20, although $30 tickets are available in neighboring states including Connecticut and New Hampshire.

"With an overall prize payout of 80.7 percent, World Class Millions boasts the highest payout percentage of any game ever offered by the Massachusetts Lottery, " according to a press release from the state lottery office. The chance of winning a prize in the new game is 1 in 2.81, the best odds for the lottery yet, the release said.

World Class Millions gives players a chance to win up to 30 times on a single ticket. Each ticket contains 10 "Winning Numbers" and 30 "Your Numbers, " each of which contain 30 prize values. If one or more of the "Your Numbers" match the "Winning Numbers, " the player wins the corresponding amount. There are also "2X, " "5X, " "10X, " "20X, " and "100X" symbols in the "Your Numbers" spots, which multiplies any winning combinations, as well as a burst symbol that automatically awards players with a $100 instant win, according to the lottery.

The new World Class Millions instant ticket features four $15 million and 36 $1 million immediate "scratch and win" prizes. Five $1 million prizes will also be awarded via the game's second-chance drawing program that allows players to enter their non-winning tickets online for opportunities to win cash prizes.

With a print run of 25.2 million tickets, sales from the new $30 ticket are expected to reach $756 million with a potential net profit of $86.8 million.

The Massachusetts Lottery introduced the first instant ticket - a $1 ticket called "The Instant Game" in May 1974. Since then, the lottery has become a leader in instant ticket sales, generating over $3.34 billion annually from the games.

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State’s highest priced scratch lottery game now in stores
State’s highest priced scratch lottery game now in stores
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Popular Q&A

What is best state to purchase scratch lottery tickets?

i know that it really depends on the state, but what are the top 5 states that have a significant amount of guaranteed winners. Im from MA, lotteries here are not very good whatsso ever. i never win even half of what i spend. Im taking road trip and going to pass many states, so i was just wondering, thanks guys!

All the games have guaranteed winners. The winning tickets exist. No state is better than any other.
"i never win even half of what i spend." - And you never will, unless you are extremely lucky, becasue they pay out less than half of what comes in. By odds, you are guaranteed long term to win less than what you spend. That is WHY they have a lottery, it's to make the state money. They don't make money if they pay out more than what comes in. The fact that you win less than you spend has NOTHING to do with where you buy the tickets. It's the fact that you buy them at all.…

What is the best scratch off lottery ticket with the best odds in the state of Ohio

$200 Million Extreme Cash has the best odds of winning the top prize. There are 13 remaining. The prize is $50K/YR FOR 20 YRS.

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