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Mass State Lottery Winners

Sunderland is a sleepy little town in the western part of Massachusetts. It’s the kind of place where selling $47 worth of lottery tickets at Billy’s Beer and Wine is considered a busy day.

Then, Marjorie Selbee and her husband showed up from Michigan, and things went from sleepy to overdrive. The 70-something woman bought $307, 000 worth of $2 tickets for a relatively obscure game called Cash WinFall during a three-day lottery bender. She tied the machines up for hours. Her husband, meanwhile, was over at Jerry’s Place in South Deerfield dropping some $300, 000 of his own.

Together, the couple bought more than 300, 000 tickets for a game whose biggest prize, about $2 million, has been claimed exactly once in the game’s seven-year history.

Weird, right?

Well, it gets weirder.

The Selbees run a gambling company called GS Investment Strategies, and they were one of the few people aware of a quirk that could be exploited in the Cash WinFall game — one that makes it the most reliably lucrative lottery game in the United States for a few days every three months.

When the jackpot reaches roughly $2 million and no one wins, payoffs for smaller prizes swell dramatically, which statisticians say practically assures a profit to anyone who buys at least $100, 000 worth of tickets.

During these brief periods – “rolldown weeks’’ in gambling parlance – a tiny group of savvy bettors, among them highly trained computer scientists from MIT and Northeastern University, virtually take over the game. Just three groups, including the Selbees, claimed 1, 105 of the 1, 605 winning Cash WinFall tickets statewide after the rolldown week in May, according to lottery records. They also appear to have purchased about half the tickets, based on reports from the stores that the top gamblers frequent most.

HVnews“Cash WinFall isn’t being played as a game of chance. Some smart people have figured out how to get rich while everyone else funds their winnings, ’’ said Mohan Srivastava, an MIT-educated statistician who gained fame in gambling circles when he found a flaw in a Canadian scratch ticket game that allowed him to pick the winners more than 90 percent of the time.

It is hard to say precisely how much each gambler has won because they have a year to claim prizes and the lottery does not track winning tickets of less than $600. But the Selbees have already claimed nearly $1 million in prize money this year, entirely in tickets valued at $802 to $24, 821. Their final haul will undoubtedly be considerably larger.

Srivastava calculated that a gambler who bought 200, 000 Cash WinFall tickets during four rolldown weeks in a year would win enough to cover the $1.6 million investment and earn a profit of $240, 000 to $1.4 million – without ever winning the jackpot.

The Globe goes onto to provide the secrets to the game, if you’re so inclined. But it’s fascinating to realize there is a lottery game that is beloved by gamblers because it’s so easy to hack.

As one such player told the paper, “it would be immoral’’ to attract more people to Cash WinFall.

But don’t get too many ideas: you have to spend at least $100, 000 during rolldown week to have a 72 percent chance of recouping your money. The more you spend, the better your odds of making a profit.

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Mass State Lottery winning numbers June 24th, 2014
Mass State Lottery winning numbers June 24th, 2014
Excellent Ma state lottery scratch ticket winner.
Excellent Ma state lottery scratch ticket winner.

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