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INDIANAPOLIS - Five siblings from Indiana, Illinois and Nevada will go down in the record books as being the first Hoosier Lottery players to win a Mega Millions® jackpot. Five members of the Bolke family, Albert Bolke Jr. of Dyer, Ind., Carl Bolke of Henderson, Nev., Ann McClelland of Orland Park, Ill., Marsha Nowaczyk of Calumet City, Ill. and Margaret Goll of Reno, Nev. won $46.5 million by matching all six numbers in the February 1 Mega Millions drawing. The family presented their winning ticket to Hoosier Lottery Officials in Indianapolis today.

Ann McClelland's son, Jimmy McClelland, also of Orland Park, Ill. acted as spokesperson for the family and accepted the winnings on behalf of the family in a press conference at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters this afternoon.

Jimmy McClelland described his family as "hardworking, low-key, down-to-earth."

"We are truly blessed and thankful, " said McClelland.

The full jackpot was $93 million, however, two winning tickets were sold for the February 1 drawing. A group of postal workers in Romulus, Michigan claimed their half of the jackpot February 4.

The Bolke Family elected to take payment in one lump sum and received a payment of approximately $29 million before taxes. Each of the five siblings received approximately $5.8 million before taxes.

"Besides everything they are going to be able to do for their own families, they (the claimants) were happy for their siblings, " noted McClelland.
The group's lucky ticket was purchased by the siblings' mother, the Bolke family matriarch, at Strack & Van Til at 12 Ridge Road in Munster . She purchases tickets each week with monies chipped in from each of her children. That day, it was the only ticket she purchased, and she purchased it at the clerk's suggestion. With one dollar to spend on a Lottery ticket, she simply said to the clerk, "Give me anything." The clerk handed her a Mega Millions ticket and she tucked it in her purse, never expecting "anything" to be $46.5 million dollars.

As for their plans for money, the winners all plan to either retire or start putting solid plans together so they can retire in the near future.

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