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The Mega Millions jackpot

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Beginning with the October 22, 2013 drawing, Mega Millions now has a faster-growing jackpot starting at $15 million, a $1 million second prize and better overall odds of winning any prize. And it's still just $1 to play!

How To Play

Pick 5 numbers from 1 - 75 then pick your Mega Ball number from 1 - 15.

Pick your own numbers or let the computer pick them for you by asking for an easy pick.

Purchase up to 10 consecutive drawings at a time.

Drawings held at 10:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Sales cut-off time is 8:59 p.m. on the day of the drawing.

Win the jackpot by matching all 5 white ball numbers and the Mega Ball. There are nine ways to win, so be sure to check your ticket after each drawing.

Mega Millions prizes must be claimed within 365 days of the drawing for which they were eligible.

Megaplier Option

Ask for the Megaplier with your Mega Millions purchase!

For an extra $1 Megaplier purchase you could multiply your prize from 2 to 5 times (except the jackpot). And if you match 5 white ball numbers (regularly a $1 million prize), you could win up to $5 million**!

The Megaplier is chosen randomly at drawing time. How much a player's prize is multiplied is determined by the Megaplier.

Prizes and Odds**

Matched Numbers Prize (NO Megaplier) Odds
5 + Mega Ball *Jackpot 1 in 258, 890, 850
$1, 000, 000 1 in 18, 492, 204
4 + Mega Ball $5, 000 1 in 739, 688
$500 1 in 52, 835
3 + Mega Ball $50 1 in 10, 720
$5 1 in 766
2 + Mega Ball 1 in 473
1 + Mega Ball $2 1 in 56
0 + Mega Ball $1 1 in 21

Overall Odds: 1 in 14.71

If the player has elected the Megaplier option, the winning matches and the probabilities for matching the numbers drawn stay the same. The following table shows the amounts paid to set prize winners for the multiplier numbers drawn:

Prize Payout with Megaplier (MP) Option**

Match MP = 5 MP = 4 MP = 3 MP = 2
$5, 000, 000 $4, 000, 000 $3, 000, 000 $2, 000, 000
$25, 000 $20, 000 $15, 000 $10, 000
$2, 500 $2, 000 $1, 500 $1, 000
$250 $200 $150 $100
$25 $20 $15 $10
$8 $6 $4


Mega Millions, the game that holds the record for the largest jackpot in North America, began on August 31, 1996, as the Big Game. In May 2002, the multi-state game was given the new name of "Mega Millions. On January 31, 2010, 23 more state lotteries, including the Iowa Lottery, began selling Mega Millions. In October 2013, the game was revamped with a larger starting jackpot, a $1 million second prize and better overall odds of winning a prize. The largest Mega Millions jackpot won so far was a $656 million prize split by players in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland in March 2012.

* The jackpot prize will be divided equally among multiple winners based on the amount available to the lottery for the jackpot prize pool. The prize pool is estimated to be 55% of Mega Millions sales, but may be higher or lower based upon the number of winners at each guaranteed prize level, as well as the funding required to meet the official advertised jackpot. The official Mega Millions grand prize annuity amount is subject to change based on sales forecasts and/or actual sales.

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Popular Q&A

Ohio Lottery mega million.?

Do you have to get all the kicker numbers in order...or as long as you have them they don't need to line up

The Order doesn't matter as long as you got the right numbers. ;)

What are the winning numbers for ca lottery mega million?

Winning numbers for CA MEGA Millions on October 29, 2010 are 4, 19, 26, 28, 39, and 14 (MEGA). Draws occur on Tue and Fri nights at 8PM Pacific Time.

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