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Arkansas Lottery Results Powerball

Mega Millions – The Arkansas Mega Millions Lottery began in January of 2010 and is currently played in 45 states across America. Arkansas Lottery Mega Millions tickets currently cost $1.00 with a minimum jackpot of 12 million dollars. Arkansas Mega Millions drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday night at 9:59 p.m. CST.

In order to play the Mega Millions Lottery, players should stop by a participating Arkansas Scholarship Lottery retailer and fill out a Mega Millions ticket slip. To play the Mega Millions Lottery, simply choose 5 random numbers (1-56) and one Powerball number (1-46). A quick pick option is available by request, without the need to fill out a lottery ticket. Each ticket has a grid with 5 columns, which represent 5 plays per ticket. Only one play is necessary, however players can play between 1-5 drawings on each lotto ticket, by filling out the corresponding amount of columns on each ticket. In the event that multiple people hit the AR Lottery Mega Millions jackpot, winners will divide the jackpot up equally.

Mega Millions Megaplier is an optional multiplier feature available with each Mega Millions Lottery play. The Mega Millions Megaplier option cost $1.00 and offers players with any winnings a multiplier of (2-4) times any winnings.

Mega Millions Ticket Worth $1 Million Sold in York County  — SYS-CON Media
The retailer earns a $5,000 bonus for selling this winning ticket. This $1 million prize must be claimed and the ticket validated before the winner can be identified.

Popular Q&A

When will Wisconsin get mega millions lottery?

As part of an agreement reached between the organizers of Mega Millions and Powerball, the two games will be allowed to coexist beginning on January 31, 2010.
Wisconsin and other Powerball states are expected to begin participating in Mega Millions on that date.

How to play the mega millions lottery in Wisconsin?

I a friend of mine asked me how to play the mega millions in Wisconsin I didn't know how play it so I was wondering if anyone knows how to play it or have played it before.

1. Go somewhere that sells tickets, most gas stations and a lot of grocery stores sell them
2. You have 2 options when purchasing your ticket/tickets. First you can choose your own numbers, in the store there will be slips and you fill it out with your chosen numbers and then the clerk will run it through the computer and print out your ticket. Your other option is just walking up to the clerk and asking for the quick pick option, with this option the lottery computer will randomly choose your numbers for you. If you don't know you choose or receive 6 numbers, 5 regular numbers between…

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