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Louisiana Lottery Results Powerball

Louisiana Lottery is well established and is as fun and exciting a state to play the lottery as any other state, if not more so. There are exciting lotto games with huge cash prizes every day. You can play the PowerBall lottery, which is a huge multi-state, multi-million dollar mega jackpot lotto game. You could play Lotto, which pays out the jackpot in one lump sum. Cash Quest lottery is another crowd pleaser with a $50, 000 jackpot prize. Everyone loves Pick 3 lotto and Pick 4 lottoas well. All this and I've yet to even mention the Instant Scratch Ticket lotto games. There are so many that you're bound to find a favorite of your own.

State and Federal Laws and Regulations require participants be a minimum of 21 years of age to purchase lottery tickets.

Since 1995, Louisiana residents and its visitors have had the pleasure of playing the PowerBall lottery. The PowerBall lotto is a multi-state lottery with a multi-million dollar jackpot. Tickets are only one dollar ($1) and are available at any Louisiana State Lottery Retailer.
Louisiana Lotto is another exciting lottery game available in Louisiana. Lotto was the first lottery available starting in 1992.

Lotto is easy to play and best of all, the jackpot gets paid out to the lucky winners in one huge lump sum. Cash prize jackpots start out at two hundred fifty thousand bucks ($250, 000) and keeps on growing until someone wins it. That lucky someone could be you!

To play Lotto simply obtain a playslip from your local lottery retailer and choose six numbers between one and forty. Mark them on the playslip or choose Quick Pick and the computer terminal will randomly select them for you. You may also ask the retailer for a Lotto Quick Pick and it would equate to the same thing.

You may choose Multi-Draw by selecting the appropriate box on the playslip and play up to twenty consecutive drawings. This may also be accomplished by asking the retailer for Multi-Draw and telling them how many drawings you desire to play.

Lotto drawings are on Wednesday and Saturday evenings after 9:30 pm at which time ticket sales stop until after the drawing.

The overall odds of winning when playing Lotto are 1:30. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:3, 838, 380. Match five of the winning numbers and win an estimated cash prize of two thousand dollars ($2, 000). The odds of matching five numbers are 1:18, 816. Matching four numbers can win fifty dollars ($50) and the odds are 1:456 of doing so. Matching three numbers will win three dollars ($3) and the odds of doing so are 1:32.

As you can see, it can pay cash money to play Lotto.

Another hot lottery game in Louisiana is Cash Quest. Players can win as much as fifty thousand dollars ($50, 000). Playing this lottery is easy, winning is easy, there are seven chances to win on each ticket and it�s fun too. With these odds and the rewards attached, it's no wonder it's a favorite among many.

To play Cash Quest lotto, players simply obtain a playslip from their local lottery retailer and fill it out. Tickets only cost one dollar ($1). To fill out the playslip, players choose four numbers between one and fifty. Players may also choose to have the numbers chosen for them by the computer by selecting a quick pick.

The computer then randomly selects six more sets of numbers for each play and assigns them to different payout groups.

Cash Quest Lottery Results: Drawings are held every Tuesday thru Saturday night. Match two, three or four numbers in any of the three prize groups and win money. Players may not only win more than once on each ticket, but they may win more than one cash prize in the same group.

The overall odds of winning a Cash Quest ticket are approximately 1:5. The odds of winning the jackpot of fifty thousand dollars ($50, 000) by matching all four of the winning numbers in the first group are 1:230, 300. Players can win three thousand dollars ($3, 000) by matching four numbers from any one set of numbers in group two. The odds of doing so are 1:115, 150. My matching four numbers in any one set in group 3, players can win five hundred dollars ($500). The odds of this win are 1:57, 575. With odds of 1:178.8, players can match 3 numbers in any one set in any group and win ten bucks ($10). Players who match two numbers in any one set will win on dollar ($1). The odds of this are 1:5.3.

As you can see, Cash Quest is an exciting game with many opportunities to take home cash. Why not play today?

The Pick 3 lotto game is a hot game in Louisiana and with the options of play and wagering it's not hard to see why. Since 1992 when it was first introduced to the people of Louisiana, they and all who pass thru have a good time with Pick 3 lotto. They even have a saying You'll like it!
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