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Oklahoma Lottery Commission Powerball

Hot Lotto logoThe Oklahoma Lottery announces a new Problem Gambling Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (“SEP”) to help those dealing with gambling problems. The new program will be available starting September 12. Rollo Redburn, the Lottery Executive Director, said “Offering a Self-Exclusion Program to Oklahomans is the next step in the Oklahoma Lottery’s responsible gambling efforts to help...

The Oklahoma Lottery is seeking the owner of a $1 million winning Powerball ticket from the September 6th drawing. The winning ticket was purchased at EZ GO located at 2808 NW 52nd St in Lawton.

The winning numbers for the drawing were 9, 29, 31, 43, and 50. The Powerball number was 18.

In the lottery world, it’s the one that keeps getting away. The all-cash jackpot in the Hot Lotto game has been quietly growing for nearly a year now, topping $11.7 million for Saturday’s drawing.

Poker Pick logoThe jackpot in the game, sold by 15 U.S. lotteries, was last won in the drawing on Oct. 12, 2013. Two Tennessee co-workers who’d purchased their winning ticket at a convenience store in Dyersburg, Tenn., claimed the .2 million jackpot from that night’s drawing...

The Oklahoma Lottery is excited to announce Poker Pick, Oklahoma’s first ever combined instant / draw game where players can instantly win a prize, then win again in a nightly drawing. Set to launch September 7th, Poker Pick offers the largest Oklahoma-only top prize of $100, 000.

Each ticket will display 5 cards from a deck of 52. Players can win up to $10, 000 instantly if the cards displayed on their ticket match one of the winning poker hands listed at the bottom of the ticket. If a player has a hand of “Jacks or Better” they win a prize. Players then have a chance to win up to...

The Oklahoma Lottery announced today that it has met its revenue estimate for the State of Oklahoma and Oklahoma education. The Lottery expects to transfer $11 million more than what was appropriated to Oklahoma education from fiscal year 2014 proceeds for a total of $67 million...

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Oklahoma Lottery "Freedom" Powerball Commercial
Oklahoma Lottery "Freedom" Powerball Commercial
Secret PowerBall Oklahoma Lottery Pick Winning Numbers to
Secret PowerBall Oklahoma Lottery Pick Winning Numbers to ...
oklahoma lottery
oklahoma lottery

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How to play powerball lottery?

ive never actually played but i was walking down the street and i just found a blank ticket im pretty sure its a powerball ticket its like a strip of paper and its pink & white.... anyways i wasnt sure if i was supposed too put in one number for each collumn or 5in each and what do you do with the bottom of it like theres a game A on top and under it it says B do i have to fill in both and arent there 6 numbers in powerball like 5 regular and then 1 power number or somthing... where do i pick that number sorry if its a stupid question

It sounds like you didn't find a ticket. It sounds like you found a BLANK FORM with which you can BUY a ticket. Those blank forms are free. You still have to pay money if you want to buy a PowerBall ticket.
Understand that these tickets are the WORST bet on the entire planet. You could spend $50 per week for the next 70 years of your life, and you still would have, by any practical measure, ZERO chance of ever hitting the jackpot.
If you accept that, and you still want to occasionally spend 2 bucks on a ticket, then fine. Perhaps it's worth it to give you that dream of "hitting it big…

How do you play powerball lottery in oklahoma

Players select 5 numbers and a Powerball number. Winning numbers are available Wed. and Sat. at 10pm.

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