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Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball Results

Over the last 600 years, the lottery has come a long way. However, the premise behind the first recorded lottery has not changed. The first lottery on record took place in 1490 and the proceeds from this initial lottery were used to help fund the colonial army at the time. The lotteries that have taken place since then have been used to fund many activities. In New York before the state lottery was approved, lotteries were used to help fund the construction of roads, bridges, and ferries. Yale, Harvard, and Princeton, three of the United States most prestigious educational institutions, would have not been possible without the use of a lottery. Today state lottery proceeds are used in much the same way.

Pennsylvania Lottery History

The Pennsylvania Lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the United States. This state’s lottery began on August 26, 1971. It was created when voters approved and enacted Act 91 or 1971. On October 21st of that same year, Henry Kaplan was appointed as the first executive director of the Pennsylvania Lottery. The Pennsylvania Lottery began selling $0.50 tickets on March 7, 1972. The game featured weekly drawings and the grand prize that could be won by lucky players was $1 million. There were four winners of the $1 million maximum jackpot in a half a year’s time. However, this did not hurt the lottery, it helped it surpass its initial sales projection goal. The initial sales projection goal for the first year of operation was set at $30 million, however, the popularity of the lottery and the good odds generated $57.7 million. By 1973, the lottery had expanded to offering three different weekly drawing games and offered Lucky 7 and Winner’s Choice, both $1 games. Since this time, the lottery has continued to expand over the years and now offers many different types of games from instant win scratch offs to national lottery games like Powerball.

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What was tonights powerball numbers for the pennsylvania lottery

Winning numbers for the November 21st 2009 Powerball Drawing were: 07-26-36-49-58 PB 04. Ask!

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