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Powerball Lottery Results SA

This site brings you the very latest Powerball numbers within moments of the balls being drawn. Our crack team of eagle-eyed specialists verify the numbers manually several times to make sure that they are accurate.

Estimated Jackpot

Today's estimated jackpot is:

R 7Million

The Last South Africa Powerball Jackpot was: R5, 147, 524

Powerball.net brings you the latest South Africa Powerball results within minutes of each draw taking place. As well as the latest Powerball results, players can access the results from all previous draws as well as information on prize breakdowns and jackpot-winning tickets.

View the latest South Africa Powerball Numbers and prize breakdown for: Friday October 3rd 2014.

History of South Africa Powerball

The South African National Lottery was established in 2000 and Powerball was introduced to the nation nine years later. The game was developed with the aim of creating bigger jackpots, better prizes and more winners than South Africa’s main Lotto 6/49 draw.

The first Powerball draw took place on Friday 23rd October 2000 and boasted a jackpot value of R30 million. Since its launch, the game’s popularity grown dramatically and each draw generates approximately R13 million in ticket sales.

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